Big Pharma - Incentives

The world has been in a state of confusion for nearly two years now.

Let’s take the opportunity to use logic to consider some of the controversial topics in the world at the moment:

Big Pharma Wants More Unhealthy People

  • Corporations exist to maximize profits.
  • Increasing the number of paying customers is one way to increase profits.
  • Pharmaceutical companies make revenue from unhealthy people.
  • Pharmaceutical companies make minimal, if any, revenue from healthy people.
  • Pharmaceutical companies make no revenue from dead people.

Therefore, pharmaceutical companies have a financial incentive to increase the number of unhealthy people.

Interestingly, the above points do not support the conclusion that pharmaceutical companies want to kill people outright, so, at least as far as the above points go, there is little evidence for any sort of “genocidal” intent.

Big Pharma has a Strong Incentive to “Control the Narrative” regarding Vaccine Injury

  • Corporations exist to maximize profits.
  • Pharmaceutical companies make revenues from selling vaccines.
  • If a patient is injured by the vaccine, he/she has no ability to sue for damages.
  • If a pharmaceutical company cannot be sued for damages, it is missing a key financial incentive to prevent vaccine injury.
  • If enough patients are injured by the vaccine, and the general public finds out, public confidence in the vaccine will decline.
  • If public confidence in the vaccine declines, fewer people will get it.

Therefore, a pharmaceutical company has a strong financial incentive to censor incidents of vaccine injury.

Big Pharma May Have an Incentive to Cause Vaccine Injury

This final one is a bit speculative, but it explores an idea that prominent “vaccine-hesitant” have put forward:

  • Corporations exist to maximize profits.
  • If vaccine injuries can be treated by prescription drugs, the pharmaceutical industry has a financial incentive to inflict vaccine injuries on the public.

I don’t know if COVID vaccine injuries are treatable by prescription drugs, but if this proves to be true, we can safely conclude that the pharmaceutical industry has a financial incentive to inflict this kind of injury.

In Closing

Across the Earth, the sense of fear, anxiety, and confusion is at a very high level. These ailments can prevent us from thinking clearly, and it is exactly clear-headed, and, dare I say it, open-hearted thinking that will get us out of this mess.

Whether you are watching a news story on the COVID situation or are trying to persuade your loved ones not to get the vaccine, please remember that we can each take a step back from fear or anxiety, and use our reasoning to consider what is unfolding.

We are living through a historic time. You will tell your grandchildren about your actions one day. I know that I could do more on their behalf. Could you?

Written on December 12, 2021

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