David Y. Kay



I believe in the limitless power of technology to unlock human potential.

From the invention of stone tools, mankind has wielded technology to solve his problems. Over time, these once lifeless, alien objects have become an extension of man himself.

However, the pace of progress is ever accelerating, while our humble flesh and blood treads water. Over the coming decades, rapid technological growth will usher in a new age which our forefathers could never hope to recognize. I see this coming age, known by some as the Technological Singularity, as the ultimate triumph of humanity, the victory of order over chaos, civilization over barbarism.


I have dedicated my life to ushering in the Singularity by helping technologists perform at the highest level.

By cultivating true technological mastery, I can help mankind pursue its deepest ambitions and truest dreams.


In order to perform this service, Iā€™m developing ViaChat, a chat application designed to maximize the effectiveness of distributed development teams.