David Y. Kay


I stand for the limitless power of human potential.

I believe that through our daily struggles, we can improve ourselves and each other, transcend our limitations, and become divine.

During my life on this planet, my mission is to enable human consciousness to merge with technology.

Core Values

  • Live by Principle: Establish a set of rules and follow them.
  • Pareto: human effort is limited. Find the highest leverage points and focus on them for an outsized impact.
  • Mutualism: “Win-win or no deal,” for we live in the age of abundance.
  • Balance: “Specialization is for insects.”
  • Substrate Matters: Whether it be the evolutionary origins of homo sapiens or the instruction set of a CPU, it’s important to understand the bottom-up fundamentals.
  • Face Your Demons: Most of us live far below our potential. What keeps us back? Ourselves. To grow, we must face that which instills terror into our hearts.
  • Integrate: There is much innovation to be had at the intersection of disparate ideas.
  • Growth: “A man who’s not busy being born is busy dying.”
  • Generosity: In a highly-interconnected world, acts of charity can touch the lives of many.
  • Initiate: If you don’t do it, who will?